At CinemaCon 2014 in Las Vegas, Harkness Screens, the world's leading screen technology company will runs its inaugural Harkness Academy.

The Academy is a free one-day event outside of the main body of CinemaCon programming hosted by Harkness' Technical Specialists. The 4 stand-alone seminars will highlight some of the major issues relating to presentation quality faced by exhibitors and showcase forward thinking solutions to these.

All sessions will be free of charge and each event will last for approximately 45 minutes.

The Harkness Academy Agenda - Tuesday 25th March 2014
Siena Room, 3rd Floor, Promenade Level, Caesars Palace

11:45am - Harkness App MasterClass

From the Digital Screen Calculator for early equipment specification, through to the Digital Screen Modeller for 3D environment simulation and the Digital Screen Archiver for light management Harkness Screens has a range of tools to assist in screen lifecycle management. During this free seminar you will see how Harkness’ iOS, Android and Web apps can assist in managing your screen portfolio.

Eventbrite - Harkness App MasterClass


1:45pm - Improving On-Screen Brightness Uniformity

During this session you will learn the importance of brightness uniformity in achieving suitable presentation quality, the overall balance between centre screen and edge brightness in achieving industry-standard compliance, the importance of specifying the correct screen surface and how screen
optimisation (curvature and tilting) can help achieve brightness uniformity.

Eventbrite - Improving On Screen Brightness Uniformity


2:30pm - Best Practice for Theater Light Measurement

During this seminar you will learn more about the importance of measuring light on screen, the important times to measure and record data,  the correct procedure for accurately measuring light and the industry standards as defined by SMPTE (DCI).

Eventbrite - Best Practice for Theater Light Measurement


3:15pm - Clarus; Transforming Cinema Viewing Experiences

A look at how Harkness’ new screen 4th generation screen technology Clarus is set to revolutionise 2D and 3D cinema presentation, the impact it's already made and how it might help increase ticket sales in your theaters.

Eventbrite - Deeper, Richer and More Captivating Content On Clarus Screen Technology