At CinemaCon 2015 in Las Vegas, Harkness Screens, the world's leading screen technology company will runs its second Harkness Academy. Following on from the success of 2014 which saw over 100 attendees, Harkness will run a number of seminars aimed at highlighting some of the major issues relating to presentation quality faced by exhibitors and showcasing forward thinking solutions to these.

The Academy is a free one-day event outside of the main body of CinemaCon programming hosted by Harkness' Technical Specialists. The 4 stand-alone seminars sessions are free of charge and each event will last for approximately 30 minutes including time at the end to ask questions of Harkness' team.


The Harkness Academy Agenda - Tuesday 21st April 2015.
Turin Room, 3rd Floor, Promenade Level, Caesars Palace

1:15pm - Screen Design; Why It's So Important

Screen selection and indeed screen design can play a significant part in achieving industry compliance for standards in brightness and uniformity.  In this session you’ll see why screen design is important and the considerations in design.

Eventbrite - Screen Design  Why Its So Important.


2:00pm - Premium Seating; Is It Always Just The Back Three Rows?

A premium seat shouldn’t just be about comfort but also the cinematic experience.  During this session you’ll learn both about the potential pitfalls of placing premium seating inside an auditorium without thinking about the screen’s capability and indeed potential revenue opportunities for getting it right.

Eventbrite - Premium Seating; Is It Always Just The Back Three Rows?


2:45pm - Clarus XC – Why studios, exhibitors and consumers love this new screen technology.

With over 1,000 screens installed worldwide and having become the screen of choice at film festivals, movie premieres and key cinema sites, Clarus XC screen technology has changed the perception of silver 3D screens.  During this session you’ll learn about this unique technology, why it’s so different and how it can provide exhibitors with a solution for both 2D and 3D cinema.

Eventbrite - Clarus XC - Why Studios, Exhibitors & Consumers Love This New Screen.


3:30pm - Maintaining Performance With Screen Monitoring

Light on screen can alter dramatically over time through many factors including lamp degradation and ageing hardware.  Such light loss can alter the quality of presentation and lead to customer dissatisfaction.  During this session, you’ll learn how to carry out regular light measurement in theater, how it can help maintain standards and customer satisfaction and automated and manual tools available today to assist.

Eventbrite - Maintaining Screen Performance with Screen Monitoring